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Overview of the Program

What will VISIT program do?

The second phase of satellite meteorology training (Satellite Integration Training) focuses on the following challenges:

  1. The use of GOES and other modernized datasets in an effective manner while working with the AWIPS program.
  2. The integration of other remote sensing data (Polar satellites, radar, profiler, etc.) into the GOES framework.
  3. For NESDIS and NWS to work together to build the Virtual Institute for Satellite Integration Training in support of NWS operational requirements as space-based multi-spectral observations rapidly evolve.

What are the requirements for Satellite Integration Training?

The requirement for Satellite Integration Training stems from surveys of students at the COMET SatMet Residence Courses who questioned: "how do we utilize satellite data with radar data on AWIPS?" Specifically, the requirements are to:

  1. Train the operational forecast staff on the effective utilization of GOES observations and products as part of modernized NWS warning and forecast operations.
  2. Conduct the training in a cost-effective manner that carefully monitors all resources. A major factor is the reduction in available human resources and in travel.

Journal Article summarizing VISIT

Anthony Mostek, John Weaver, Dan Bikos, Dan Lindsey, Bard Zajac, Scott Bachmeier, Tom Whittaker, Brian Motta, Brad Grant, Jim LaDue and John Ferree. 2004: VISIT: Bringing Training to Weather Service Forecasters Using a New Distance-Learning Tool. Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society: Vol. 85, No. 6, pp. 823-829.