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These are links for the NOAA Satellite Conference (NSC) JPSS Satellite Training Session (New York City, NY, 16 July 2017)

JPSS Session Web-Links

**All times are Eastern Daylight Time (EDT)**

0100-0105PM: Opening Remarks (Christie Best)

0105-0130PM: Introduction of JPSS Program (Mitch Goldberg)

0130-0200PM: Introduction of JPSS EDR products (Lihang Zhou)

Exercise #1: Hurricane Otto

0200-0220PM: Overview of applications of JPSS products to TC analyses and forecasts (Michael Folmer)

0220-0300PM: Hands-On Activity: Using JPSS products to forecast Hurricane Otto

Supplemental Information: USGS Maps - Central America.

Satellite Imagery from 21-22 November 2016

NUCAPS Soundings from 21-22 November 2016

What is your 36-hr Intensity Forecast?

Questions to consider when analyzing Otto

Photos of the Event via various Media Outlets

0300-0330PM: Break

Exercise #2: Chilean Wildfires

0330-0350PM: Overview of JPSS fire product applications (Ivan Csiszar)

0350-0430PM: Hands-On Activity: Using JPSS products to observe wildfires near Santiago, Chile

Supplemental Information: USGS Maps - Chile

Satellite Imagery -> Day-time Data

Satellite Imagery -> Night-time Data

Satellite Imagery -> Day-time + Night-time Combined Sequence

NUCAPS Soundings (green) and RAOB Soundings (red)

NUCAPS Horizontal Profiles

VIIRS Active Fire (VIIRS-AF) Data

VIIRS Active Fire Global Map

Chilean Wildfires Handout

Photos of the Event via various Media Outlets

JPSS Training

0430-0455PM: JPSS Online Training Resources (Jorel Torres)

0455-0500PM: Wrap-Up, Questions from audience

0500PM: End of Workshop

Training Resources