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SHyMet: Severe Thunderstorm Forecasting - Objectives

The primary objective of the SHyMet course for Severe Thunderstorm Forecasting is to combine various training tropics related to forecasting severe thunderstorms into one course. The course consists of VISIT training sessions, some that have been offered in the past, others that have been developed more recently. A major objective of this course is learning to identify different air masses and boundaries with GOES visible imagery and other observational data. This includes the pre-storm environment during the forecasting period and monitoring the changing environment during the nowcasting period. Cases over different parts of the CONUS will be analyzed, including coastal events and events where topography played a key role. Other topics include use of GOES and synthetic IR and water vapor imagery in forecasting severe weather events, forecasting supercell motion, monitoring moisture return from the Gulf of Mexico and understanding various satellite related products. Since the training content is entirely web-based, the student may take the training whenever they wish.

We invite all forecasters to participate in the Severe Thunderstorm Forecasting SHyMet course. Individual training sessions may be taken (as opposed to the entire course) to review various content. Also, if you've taken some of the training sessions in the past, you do not need to take them over again. Your existing training record on the LMS can be examined to see which courses you may have already completed in the past.