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SHyMet:Severe Thunderstorm Forecasting - Frequently Asked Questions

1. I've taken some of these training sessions before via VISIT teletraining, do I need to take them over again?

No. Your existing training record on the LMS can be examined to see which courses you may have already completed in the past. If you recognize the content from a teletraining session you took a while ago, you do not need to go through the whole training session again, you may complete the quiz.

2. Do I need to take each lesson in a particular order?

The first 5 sessions need to be taken in order. The rest have no set order to them.

3. I noticed that some of the training sessions have a WES case exercise associated with them, are these required?

No, however if you are at a WFO and would like to go through the WES cases, let us know and we will provide you with instructions.

4. Is the SHyMet for Interns course a prerequisite to the SHyMet:Severe Thunderstorm Forecasting course?

No. However, if you wish to review any content from the SHyMet for interns course, you may either take the whole interns course OR take individual training sessions from the interns course.

5. I forecast in Alaska, do I need to take this module?

Yes. Many forecasters change location more than once during their career. You may move south one day and the information will be helpful. Besides this, you may come across a product that may be helpful for you in your area.

6. Can I take an individual lesson rather than all of the lessons in the SHyMet: Severe Thunderstorm Forecasting course (Development Plan)?

Yes. However, you will not receive for credit for completion of the SHyMet: Severe Thunderstorm Forecasting course.

7. Is there a plan to offer additional SHyMet courses in the future?