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SHyMet:SatFC-G - Frequently Asked Questions

1. I am a NOAA employee, should I take the course through SHyMet or via the NOAA CLC??

NOAA employees should take the SatFC-G course via the NOAA Commerce Learn Center (CLC) so that they receive training credit on the CLC. In addition, there are WES simulations available for SatFC-G offered on the NOAA CLC.

2. Do I need to take each lesson in a particular order?

Yes. The modules in the Introduction section should be completed first, in order given on the table. The GOES-R Introduction to Mesoscale and Synoptic Sections module should be taken before any of the modules in the mesoscale, convection or synoptic sections since it introduces those sections. Ignore any reference to WES simulations as that only applies to NOAA employees who take the course via the NOAA CLC

3. Can I take an individual lesson or section of lessons rather than all of the lessons in the SHyMet: SatFC-G course?

Yes. However, you will not receive credit for completion of the SHyMet: SatFC-G course. We can provide a quiz for a section of modules (for example, convection section), and this would allow you to get credit for that section. However, completion of the introduction section would be required before receiving credit for an additional section. We are unable to provide training credit for an individual module / lesson.