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SHyMet Intern Distance Training Topics - NOAA employees

This course will be delivered through the E-Learning Management System (LMS). Be sure to register with us first before signing up for the learning path within the LMS, go to the Introduction link for registration.

Satellite Imagery and Products in the Forecast Process

Student Guides:

  1. Understanding satellite imagery
    1. Orientation
    2. GOES Imaging and Sounding area coverage, resolution, and image frequency
    3. Satellite Meteorology: GOES Channel Selection
    4. Polar Satellite Products for the Operational Forecaster, Module 1: POES Introduction and Background
    5. GOES Sounder Data and Products
  2. Applications and case examples
    1. GOES High Density Winds
    2. Cyclogenesis: Analysis utilizing satellite imagery
    3. Introduction to satellite interpretation for severe weather
    4. Satellite Applications to Tropical Cyclones
Recommended optional module:
  • Basic Review of Satellite Foundational Topics