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Americas and Caribbean Focus Group - Getting Connected

We want everyone to be able to participate - even those with low bandwidth capabilities - and we want to keep it free for those that participate. Historically, we have used the VISITview free software to view the images and Yahoo free software for voice communications. We limit the viewing loops to 4 images and can monitor the time it takes to download a set of images during the session. Yahoo has been a good tool for voice for 7 years, but security issues have forced us to try a new approach. GoToWebinar is available for our use at a low cost and allows many people to join in (greater than 100!). It has the capability to display images and allow voice over the Internet, but we will start with the voice capabilities alone. Preliminary testing indicates that using both the viewing and voice capabilities degrades the quality of the voice. Click on the links to the left to get more information on the various components.