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Focus Group - Getting Connected - Images for Monthly Sessions

To view imagery, log on to

If no one else is logged on and viewing images, you will see our background page like that shown below.

Please enter your name, office and your country into the sign in window (shown by blue arrows). If you are with a group, please indicate the number in your group. (example: Bernie Connell, CIRA, USA group=3) The window will not go away until you put something in or close the browser. You can move the window out of the way and view images, however, we recommend that you put in an identifier as we use this information to troubleshoot during a session and it is used to identify you in the chat window. We also use this information after the session for summaries. Then, please wait for the leader to activate the session.

To open a chat window, click on the image in the VISITview window and hit ALT-C. A list of the VISITview controls can be viewed by hitting ALT-? and are summarized below.