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Focus Group - Getting Connected - Images for an Independent Session

To view imagery, log on to

You will see a page like the following

1) Select from the two choices highlighted above by the green arrow: either click on a group that is already listed OR type in the name a) of an existing group to join or b) a new group to create.

2) Notice that unspecified (as denoted by the blue arrow 2 on the left) is a default choice. If you close the window without selecting a choice, that is the group you will be put into.

3) If you do not see imagery when you log in, click on the Next button highlighted in RED.

In the following figure, two groups already exist: IMN Costa Rica, and Jamaica. You can join either group by double-clicking on their name. You can also join either group by typing in the name exactly as it appears with upper and lower case letters and spaces. If you want to join an existing group, we recommend that you double-click on the group name to avoid errors and confusion.

If you want to create your own group and you want it to be private (you want select people viewing it), type in your group name and begin it with @ (example: @CIRA). Make sure that everyone you want to join knows what to enter because since the group is private, it will not show up in the list in the upper part of the window. Since the group name is case sensitive, make the group name easy for everyone to enter.