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Focus Group - Getting Connected through GoToWebinar

For voice and viewing during the sessions, we use GoToWebinar. You can register at any time, even after the session has started. If you register before the session, you will receive a confirmation email and can then use that link to connect directly to the session. If you register after the session has started, you will be joined to the session immediately. Read the GoToWebinar User Guide for tips on registering and connecting for the session. GoToWebinar User Guide

Please provide your name, email, country, and affiliation/organization. If you are participating as part of a larger group, please let us know through email or through chat during the session.

The first time you use GoToWebinar, a file (g2m_download.exe) will download automatically. The first time I used GoToWebinar on my laptop, it did not download automatically and I received the message: Please try to download again. I hit the button to download and then had to click on the file to run it manually. Every time a meeting is held, when you initially connect, GoToWebinar will (again) download information to begin the session.

If you connect and the organizer has not started the session, you will see the following message:

When you connect, you should see a screen like the following. All participants enter with their microphones muted. The yellow box highlights this. The pink box highlights the buttons to check your audio. If you want to ask a question during the session, raise your hand by clicking the hand with the up arrow. One of the organizers will unmute you and allow you to talk. The area highlighted by green contains the welcome information. We have put the link to the VISITview imges here. Also note that we will be using the VISITview chat. That can be opened by clicking on the image in the VISITview page and then hitting ALT-C.

Sign up to receive notifications of the monthly sessions and be part of the group to exchange information:

Click here to join WMOSatMetOMM
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Check out the calendar (link on the left) to find out when the next monthly briefing or training session will occur.